This exhibition is currently running until 27th September 2008 at the Jeu De Paume, Concorde, Paris.

The exhibition is a selection of Avedon’s most famous works as well as some hidden treasures and serves as a great introduction to those unfamiliar with his work and has enough body to be a rewarding experience for fans of his photography (like me!).

The exhibition spans the whole of his career, from his fashion work for Harpers Bazaar and Vogue and his celebrity portraits to his documentary work (American West, The Family etc).

I was equally delighted to discover new images as I was to see the original prints of old favourites. The highlights for me were the vogue tests with Avedons notes written all over them, The family; a series of American political figures and images from The American West.

In conclusion if your a diehard Avedon fan or just interested in photography this exhibiton is well worth a visit.