As the brief is so open I think this is a really good opportunity to pursue some ideas I’ve been playing around with for a while, and perhaps build upon the themes of my previous work.

The first thing I did was to establish the subjects and themes that interest me as a photographer:

  • Pose – the way a person reacts to the camera. Subconsciously people will adopt a pose when they are aware that they are being photographed, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an over the top flamboyant pose, it can often be a subtle change in body language. If you took an image of a model without them knowing and then compared this to an image of them being conscious of the camera then the difference would be clear. I’ve always considered pose in my previous portrait/ documentary work, if I approach a stranger I rarely ask them to pose, choosing instead to record their natural reaction to the camera.
  • Found imagery -I collect old photographs that I find in junk shops and car boot sales, I’ve even found them in skips! I find something fascinating about looking into a snapshot of the life of a complete stranger. I guess as a photographer I’m a natural voyeur
  • Realism- Recently I’ve been put off staged work, in my personal work, I guess I like a bit of spontaneity. Pareticularly if Im doing portraits I prefer natural poses rather than giving the model strict directions.

I think these are the main themes that I would like to approach in this unit.