One of the main things that I looked at for inspiration was my  families old photo albums, because they have such a clear and personal link between the photographic image and memory. It’s strange looking at old family photos, they seem to prompt the punctum from my memory of events long past. A beige waistcoat worn to a family event, being kissed by bearded relatives, tiny little details that I doubt I would have been able to recall without the aid of a photograph.  I can’t recall anything else about those events, just small random things that probably were quite exciting when I was younger.


Looking back over these old photographs made me think carefully about my relationship to these images, my memories of my childhood are embellished with stories and events while the photographs show a clear concise snapshot of one moment in history. So why do these images hold so much nostalgia and memory to me? Are they purely visual cues, or have I subconsciously loaded them with other meanings and emotions?


I think this relationship between the photograph and the memory is very interesting.