Having abandoned my previous idea after the group crit, I started shooting my new idea. Basically for this shoot I wanted three things, a shot of the subject holding up a photograph that means something to them or has some kind of story behind it, a portrait of the subject whilst they tell me about the photograph and some sort of written statement to add validity to the previous two images. For this initial shoot I wanted the images to look quite natural so I used available lighting; sunlight, lamps and room lights. I decided to shoot the images on a Nikon D3 camera to try and get the best quality images so that I could experiment with different layouts and possible crops to make the images sit well as part of a triptych. I shot all the images using a 24-70mm f2.4 lens, as I wanted the portraits to be fairly full frame as I knew they would probably be cropped to fit my triptych.


I think as a starting point this shoot went quite well, I got some images I can use to experiment with crops and layouts and the shoot has help me define the idea of the project alot clearer. By going out and shooting something I have a much better idea of the direction and style i want to go in.