groupcrit01groupcrit02groupcrit03Before the second group critique I decided to experiment slightly with my presentation, as the grey backgrounds on glossy paper didn’t work too well for the interim assessment. I decided to mount each image seperately onto foam board and then arrange them in the triptych on a plain white background, I then had to mount this onto thick card to support the weight of the mounted images. I think as a test this looked really good, but it was unsuitable for my portfolio so was appropiate for the final hand in, however it gave the people at the critique a cross section of my work to evaluate.

In the crit itself, the response was very encouraging, most people agreed he triptych format worked well with the images and that there was an improvement and development since the first crit. The main critism was the face on portraits worked better than the side on portrait, with this in mind I think I’m going to go back and reshoot my second shoot so that it fits better into the series as a whole.