As part of this unit I had to get my portfolio reviewed by an industry professional. Mine was reviewed by Tessa Bunney, a documentry photography based in yorkshire. I really liked Tessa’s work especially her ‘Home Work’ series, and thought that her documentary background tied in quite well with my documentary/ editorial approach which makes up most of my portfolio.

Overall Tessa was very positive about my portfolio, she said I should include larger bodies of work within the folio rather than lots of smaller projects, as most viewers would be interested in my latest work. The main feedback I got from her was to do with my approach to documentary photography. Depending on the brief I like to approach strangers for my work, and Tessa encouraged me to keep doing this, she recommended that I ask everyone I meet if they could introduce me to another person, and so on. This is how Tessa gained access to all of her Yorkshire farmers.


I found talking to Tessa very interesting, although I would have liked her to have been more critical about my work and portfolio. I think Im going to keep my portfolio as it is for now, and continue to expend it with new work. I would very much like to see what other peers and photographers think of my portfolio work.