I think this project would be best viewed in an editorial context, in a magazine or a book so I’ve done some research into self publishing and photo books.

Self publishing appears to be very expensive, as most of the websites I found seem to be catered towards private authors and socities rather than students or photographers. I didnt let this put me off however and eventually came across a site called Blurb.

Blurb allows you to make and publish your own book using their template programme, but most importantly (for me a skint student) is very reasonably priced. They also happen to be running a photobook competition at the moment that I will be entering.

I then decided to do some research into layouts and presentations of photobooks, to get some ideas and see how this work might fit into a book format.

I think that this is probably the best layout for fine art based photography, as its simple and clear with plenty of room for an artist statement or information about the work.

Double page spreads add sudden impact to a book, forcing the images into the viewers gaze, no space for text though…

The front cover is obviously one of the most important elements of the book as its what will intially attract the readers attention, is it best to go for a big bold front cover like the book above….

…. or a subtler approach?

Researching these books has encourages me to create one of my own, possibly for the next project, but it has also shown me that books are extremely subjective, the layouts depend on the message and subject matter you want to convey to the viewer.