The main aim of this unit is to produce a final piece of work. This work should follow almost seamlessly from working on your personal theme in Unit 303. The format is free and will follow a negotiated project outline. It can be presented on its own and form a central part of your portfolio.


In Units 205, 302 and 303 you gained insights into the markets for photography and reached some conclusions about your personal way forward. The second aim of this unit is to build on and clarify this understanding by developing a personal marketing and career strategy, which is realistic, practical and rigorous. Your strategy will form the launch pad for succeeding in your chosen working environment. It should allow you to target prospective employers and will require you to develop your completed portfolio as part of a marketing package, which is distinctive and relevant to your future. It will be informed by personal research, and additional input from a range of professional practitioners.


You will be expected to demonstrate your motivation, professionalism and commitment by attending regularly, carrying out appropriate research independently and being open to share opinion.