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I’ve played around with the blog layout, so if you spot any major issues/ dead links drop me a comment so I can try and fix them up!

I’ve just got back from exploring Manchester, so will posting some exhibition reviews and general thoughts very soon….


Some previews of the projects I’m working on atm…..

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From ‘Edge of Suburbia’

From ‘Aftermath’

From ‘Reserved’



I quite like the image below, was wandering along the river looking for potential shots, when i noticed a set of steps cut into the mud leading to the bank, followed it down a found a bench! (I think I’ve been spending too much time doing this project if benches excite me….) the view looked out right across the river which made an interesting image.


Im not sure how these images will look if your screen isn’t colour corrected as they are quite subtle. I started to use the same technique for every shot I do, basically setting the camera up on a tripod on the centre of the bench, making sure its exactly horizontal using the spirit level built into the tripod, setting the exposure using the top dial on my Nikon D700 and taking the shot without looking through the viewfinder to compose it. By doing it this way (hopefully) the images should be similarly composed and the position of the bench will dictate the outcome of the image rather than myself composing the image within the camera frame.


The next big batch of post is my logbook work for my final project.

Basically its an open brief so I’ll be posting my ideas and photos fairly regularly over the next few weeks.

The future

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Right, sorry Ive not post in almost two weeks but I’ve been away in Paris. The good news is I saw lots of interesting photography there to write about, including the fantastic Richard Avedon exhibition at the Jeu de Paume photography gallery and aload of good stuff at the Pompidou modern art center. I’ll be featuring my favourite photographers from the trip and writing reviews of the exhibitions over the next few days.

Also if anybody has any feedback on this blog could you comment them onto this post, what you like, any constructive critisim, what you want more of, any topics/ photographers you want to see covered, any links to your own work you want me to check out- Im looking to feature some ametuer work soon as well(I use the term very loosely).

Thanks for your on going support,


My name is George Powell, I have just finished my second year studying photography at Blackpool & Flyde college.

This blog is to document my research, work, theories, ideas and general opinions ready for my third year work.

My posts could range from found images, my own work, reviews of movies, books, gigs, exhibitions, my opinions on critical theories and semiotics, pretty much anything that i find inspiring as a visual creative.

Thats about it, hopefully over time this will become a useful resource both for myself and other budding photographers!